These Videos  were shot by a fan and though they are very poor quality the sound is passable and they are very entertaining!! 

The Bayou, Dec., 1990


Wacek Kozlowski ~ Violin(aka Mister "V")  who was 1st chair of the Krakow Radio Orchestra, Poland, before the "Iron Curtain"  Fell & the USSR broke up! He is these days a premier studio player [Branson, MO & Nashville]   

Bart Lay (Percussion)
Geoff- playing Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer (Electrified) on The Boy, The Blacksmith & The Brave Scots       (Fiddle Tune Medley)

Also Just Below from 1992 -3 Videos from The Music Shop TV Show featuring: 

David Horowitz(Violin) & Tom Berrick(Drums)


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