**Scroll to the Bottom of this Page for New Songs recorded in our basement studio (also on our "Listen To Our Music Page") ...SuLTRy NiGHTS is the newest!! and Some Rehearsal Videos also Below.

    We Now Have Archived Video Clips from our early band days going back from 1993 to 2000 on our "Videospage - some interesting stuff!



Going back to the studio for new tunes

Jan 14(Sat) Zed's Cafe, Silver Spring MD (7:30 - 10 PM) We will be playing the second Saturday of each month!

Feb 11(Sat) Zed's Cafe, Silver Spring MD (7:30 - 10 PM)

Feb 26(Sun) Paddy & Barry's Irish Pub and Restaurant

   Tyson's Corner, VA (12:30 to 3:30 PM)

Mar 11(Sat) Zed's Cafe, Silver Spring MD (7:30 10 PM)

Apr 8(Sat)  Zed's Cafe, Silver Spring MD (7:30 10 PM)

May 13(Sat) Zed's Cafe, Silver Spring MD (7:30 10 PM)

May 20(Sat)  Holy Cross Health Fair, Silver Spring, MD

May 26(Fri)   Brookville Beer Farm, (5:00 - 8:00 PM)

June 10(Sat) Zed's Cafe, Silver Spring MD (7:3010 PM)

July 7(Fri)   Brookville Beer Farm, (5:00 - 8:00 PM) 

July 8(Sat) Zed's Cafe, Silver Spring MD (7:30 10 PM) 


Jan 2 (Sat) First Saturday (Private House Concert)      Potomac, MD 

Feb 1 (Mon) Out Of The Gate, Jackson Hole, Wyoming 

Feb 5 (Fri) Port Of Leonardtown Winery, MD 

   (5:30 to 8:30)

Feb 14 (Sun) The Promenade - private Valentines Day        Party, Bethesda, MD (10:00 AM to Noon)

March 18 (Fri) The Promenade - private Wine and     Cheese Party, Bethesda, MD (5:30 to 7:30 PM) 

April 24 (Sun) The Promenade - private Brunch Party   Bethesda, MD (10:30 AM to Noon)

May 20 (Fri) The Promenade - private Wine and     Cheese Party, Bethesda, MD (5:30 to 7:30 PM)

May 31(Tues) Twilight Concert Series at Veterans Plaza

  Silver Spring (7 to 9 PM)

June 19 (Sun) The Promenade - private Fathers' Day         Party,  Bethesda, MD (10:30 AM to Noon)

June 27 (Mon) Old Town North, Music On The Green    Concert Series, Montgomery Park, 901 N Royal Street      Alexandria, VA (7 to 8 PM)

July 4 (Mon) Wyngate Independence Day Celebration,  
   Bulls Run, Bethesda - 10:15 to Noon

Oct 7 (Fri) The Promenade - private Wine and Cheese  Party,  Bethesda, MD (5:30 to 7:30 PM)

Nov 12 (Sat) Zed's Cafe, Silver Spring, MD (7:30 to       10:00  PM)

Nov18  (Thurs) The Promenade - private Wine and Cheese Party, Bethesda, MD (6:30 - 8:30PM)

Dec 10 (Sat) Zed's Cafe,   Silver Spring MD (7:30 - 9:45PM) We will be playing the second Saturday of each month!!!!

Dec 15 (Thurs)  Brookside Gardens, Silver Spring MD, 6:00 - 8:30PM  


    Meagan Lane and Geoff de Mers, founders of Wammy nominated 2nd Story Band grew up in the '50s and '60s during one of the most musically rich periods in the evolution of American Pop Music. It was a time when Rock-a-billy, Doo Whop, R & B, Tejano, Calypso, Cowboy Music (C&W), Swing, Rock & Roll, Folk, and Folk Rock could be heard on commercial radio. In fact since 1978, as a result of their ability to incorporate these and many other styles including West African, Latin and Celtic, Meagan and Geoff have developed one of the most interesting and fresh sounds to come out of the Metro Washington, DC area.

    A Jammin' World Beat Blend of Funky Blues and Swing, Pop Rock, Caribbean and Tex-Mex Rhythms with a bit of New Orleans Funkiness thrown in!  "A FIRST RATE 2nd STORY WOMAN... Meagan Lane's voice is a constant surprise - sweet, arch, rough, wanton and worldly in turn,... a treat to experience!"

Eve Ziebart- The Washington Post

Email: hipmeea@yahoo.com


   Meagan & Geoff  performed 3 shows at First Night Alexandria, Dec. 31, to a standing room only audience! The evening was a great success. Band members of the Vaughn Ambrose (Jazz) Trio with whom 2nd Story Band Duo shared the evening said that they thought the 2 bands' styles complemented each other beautifully! 

    From Catherine Aselford, Executive Director, Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association, we have this unsolicited   email message: 

"Dear Meagan and Geoffrey,

Thank you so much for performing at the Athenaeum 
for First Night Alexandria!
You two have a wonderful sound — I enjoyed hearing you (when I wasn’t running up and down the stairs, heating cider and fetching napkins), as did my husband and son. 
I KNOW the rest of the audience loved you .... 
The applause testified to that!" 

                 Original Songs Recorded In Our Basement Studio And Some Videos From Our Rehearsals 

SuLTRY NiGHTS- MASTER SMll Vsn(12-02-15)-MP3 Best.mp3

From Our Video Archive Circa 2000- 

2nd Story Band Jams Out

01 Clap Hands.mp3

02 Fat Cat Boogie.mp3

 2nd Story Band CD Releases

The Politicians All Sing - Origins & Originals

$ 12 USD

About  The Politicians All Sing music: 

The songs on 2nd Story Band's most recent CD release, The Politicians All Sing - Origins & Originals,  are snapshots in time - From light metal riffs to bouncy African grooves to Calypso and Caribbean moods, complimented by soaring guitars and violins, provocative lyrics, playful and edgy vocals.

"A FIRST-RATE 2nd STORY WOMAN - Lane's voice is a constant surprise sweet, arch, rough, wanton and worldly in turn. The melodies are fresh and the lyrics both catchy and, yes, educated."

Eve Ziebart- The Washington Post

Blue Shades - World Beat Blues Fiesta

$ 12 USD

WAMMY nominated 2nd Story Band's debut CD, Blue Shades - World Beat Blues Fiesta, reflects diversity and creativity "with plenty of verve and soul" [Washington Post - Mike Joyce] and features Saxophone, Piano, Flute, Accordion, Violin and Clarinet played by top area musicians  
"The first song on the disc tears out of the gate - lets you know that you're in for a ride! .. Meagan sounds like a soulful Janis Joplin, but with a better range.  Matter of fact, the backing as well as the lead vocals are top notch!... you get the Production, the Presentation And the Talent of a FANTASTIC BAND!” 

 EvO:R-Review This- Bill Carrera

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